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The Montauk Monster internet mystery

August 1, 2008

Th Montauk Monster a viral alien sweeping the web. An altered state of  mind created by ad-driven media.

A chtonian rhino-dog, a raccon-siren-salamander. A Borges meets Kafka creature. A dark governmentstein brood, mutant to reproduce and haunt the houses of the Hamptons.

Is this an apparition of Xolotl, the dog of venusdark Tezcatlipoca, the aztec smoking mirror God.

Who ripped who?

is it all to proof cryptoids are real?full monster story at Raramour

Who smokes Crack? Alf

July 1, 2008

LA Times implied we might be doing crack, (we only do more sophisticated drugs). But you know who does crack: ALF!

Max Wright, former Alf  was caught in a pretty compromising scene -we dont want to know the details. Spare the gay porn interracial dirty secrets.

This is old news but, you know who also smokes crac?: Daryl Strawberry.

And Amy Winehouse does crack.

and all the other teen celebrity holograms fabricated by the reptiles in the north pole.


Spiders on L.S.D.

December 15, 2007

A 1960’s experiment where spiders take drugs and build trippy webs.

Cloned fluorescent cats from South Korea

December 15, 2007



South korean scientists were able to create a couple of cloned fluorescent cats. This bizarre phenomena is due to the  presence of  a fluorescent protein inserted into this Turkish Angora cats.

N’kisi: The Telepathic Parrot

December 4, 2007

n’kisi, the telpathic parrot

This famous bird has appeared in a number of magazines and media shows -Rupert Sheldrake, the fringe wizard biologist from Cambridge, performed double-blind tests where N´kizi demonstrated an uncanny ability to tap into her owner and friend Amiee´s mind. The experiment’s data has a 1 in a 1,000,000 chance of happening randomly. For more on the N´kizi’s project log onto

Here is a brief description of N’tizi’s flabbergasting qualities……

N’kisi is a captive bred, hand raised Congo African Gray Parrot. He is 4-1/2 years old, and his species has a life span similar to humans. He has received teaching in the use of language for 4 years. He is now one of the world’s top “language-using” animals, with an apparent understanding and appropriate usage of over 900 words. Aimee intuitively taught N’kisi as one would a child, by explaining things to him in context. (This goes beyond typical interactions with a “pet”, involving many hours per day of teaching and conversations.) He is treated as a member of the family. N’kisi was not trained like a performing animal, and does not just mimic or use speech “on cue”. Instead, he has been allowed to develop his own creative relationship to language as a means of self-expression. N’kisi speaks in sentences, showing a grasp of grammar in formulating his own original expressions. He is capable of actual conversations. He often initiates comments about what we are doing, feeling, looking at, thinking, etc, which is how we discovered his ability to read minds. N’kisi often demonstrates telepathy in spontaneous situations, and also communicates love, compassion, and a keen sense of humor. Language-using animals are like “animal ambassadors” helping to bridge the worlds of other species with our own. In the wild, parrots live in large flocks with complex social interactions, which have yet to be studied.

Stone Bison Love

November 25, 2007