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Baby Boom Massive Star-Making Machine

July 11, 2008

This psychedelic vista of cream colored ponies is actually a burgeoning “star-making machine” in a distant galaxy. The baby boom could yield up to 4000 stars a year while our own galactic mother can only give light to around ten stars every year.

The baby booming star factory could contest the so-called Hierarchical Model of galaxy formation,  where galaxies are supposed to slowly bulk up their stars over time by absorbing tiny pieces of galaxies, rather than in one big burst.

Take a dive into the iridescent womb and remember the moment of birth.

MusicVideos: M83-Teen Angst, M83-Don´t Save us from the Flames

December 7, 2007

Two related stories of teen anguish, love, despair and ghosts from the french shogazer synthrock band named after the M83 galaxy.  A window into the secret-crystal-heart of a  beautiful lost teenage girl.