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“Declaration for peaceful relations with extraterrestrial civilizations”

December 4, 2007

Lately we’ve been witnessing drastic changes in our relation with the cosmos. French government has just announced that all its extraterrestrial secret files will be released for the public domain through their space agency’s web page. On the other side, various entrepreneurs, like Virgin’s Richard Branson or Amazon’s Jeff Bezos are betting on the possibility of having accessible (20,000 usd) tourist flights to space, and even galactic hotels, before 2017.

Preparing for this new cosmic scene, were we could reach never-seen levels on intimacy and interaction with our universe, a “Declaration for peaceful relations with extraterrestrial civilizations” was established last summer during the “Extraterrestrial Civilizations and World Peace Conference” in Hawaii:

Honor the following principles for establishing peaceful relations with extraterrestrial civilizations:

1. We affirm the intent of humanity to join in peaceful and cooperative relations with extraterrestrial civilizations,
2. Affirm support for United Nations resolutions promoting the peaceful use of Outer Space, and support for UN, International and U.S. Congressional initiatives to prevent an arms race in outer space, including the weaponization of space,
3. Affirm the natural right of all citizens to have open contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations in all cases, and to engage in non-official diplomacy,
4. Declare the need for Civil Society to develop acceptable protocols (standards of behavior) with extraterrestrial civilizations, that the protocols should be representative of the aspirations of all humanity, and that all nations should work in concert to establish peaceful relations,
5. Cooperate with extraterrestrial civilizations in promoting Earth, Cosmic and Life friendly technologies, and encouraging the right use and open availability of these technologies,
6. Affirm our desire to coordinate the earth’s ecological health and biological diversity with extraterrestrial civilizations that can aid us in that endeavour,
7. And express our desire to welcome the open appearance of benevolent extraterrestrial civilizations.