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Who smokes Crack? Alf

July 1, 2008

LA Times implied we might be doing crack, (we only do more sophisticated drugs). But you know who does crack: ALF!

Max Wright, former Alf  was caught in a pretty compromising scene -we dont want to know the details. Spare the gay porn interracial dirty secrets.

This is old news but, you know who also smokes crac?: Daryl Strawberry.

And Amy Winehouse does crack.

and all the other teen celebrity holograms fabricated by the reptiles in the north pole.


Kirsten Dunst Smokes Pot

December 14, 2007


Actress Kirsten Dunst recently told the British tabloid The Sun, that she likes to smoke marijuana and that probably the world would be a a better place if everybody smoked the weed. She also made a witty or weedy correlation: “My best friend Sasha’s father, Carl Sagan, was an astronomer. He smoked loads of pot and he was a genius”. You can watch Kirsten pull in a reefer of what evidently feigns to be marijuana, in the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Minds. Kirsten performs a mind-erasing experiment with his boyfriend and starts dancing in her undies and jumping in bed while the sweet cannabis sets in. Cinema Vèrite? and if you dig more movie-reality similarities: Dunst’s charcter in “Spiderman” is named Mary Jane, as in mari-juana, the name that all potheads call their imaginary girfriend.

The russian mafia sceret murder of supermodel Ruslana Korshunova here.

Sexy Pictures of Ruslana Korshunova at RiveronMedia.