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Growing a treehouse with Terreform

December 15, 2007

Mitchell Joachi insists that his plans are not futuristic. As the Executive Director for Terreform, a “philanthropic design collective,” he is responsible for progressive solutions for current problems. Save for the overt reliance on CGI imagery, the plans he presented at Postopolis! seem robustly conditional on collective goodwill, but still grounded on hard statistics and grounded feasibilities. In the video above, he outlines his company’s plans in three main areas: the city, ecology, and mobility. 

Spiders on L.S.D.

December 15, 2007

A 1960’s experiment where spiders take drugs and build trippy webs.

Melissa Theuriau

December 15, 2007

Meet Melissa Theuriau, probably the most beautiful news anchor of our days…

Music Video: Dés que j’te vois – Vanessa Paradis

December 14, 2007

more Vanessa Paradis…

MusicVideo: Plaid-Zeal

December 6, 2007

This video is certainly a favorite, although it´s not one of the best songs from british electrambient Warp records band, Plaid, it is certainly a visual galore, sexy, scary, post-techno alchemy, sort of serial-killer movie liquid goth photography, where probably there is no meaning (or its too arcane) but it still looks damn good. Or don´t you like a hot girl in a lab, with strange alchemy high-tech freak devices producing ethereal lightwaves?

MusicVideo: Au Revoir Simone-Sad Song

December 6, 2007

Triple keyboard action, pretty girls into “beautiful trippy beats” and “mexican boys”, who don´t mind “listening to spanish all night “. Cute, perhaps a bit too much, (cute like: lets bake gingerbread cookies together, u have nice hair) with an invitation like this:

“We three play keyboards and drum machines too. We’ll sing you a song, a lullaby, a tune. We’re from brooklyn, new york but plan to visit you.”

MusicVideo: Jape-Floating

December 6, 2007

Interesting, floaty, pop version video with hints of Giussepe Arcimbolodo´s work (the italian renaissance painter who made faces with fruits and vegetables). If you like flying fruit, make-believe planets and a sort of laid back mood you´d like this video.

MusicVideo: Bat for Lashes-What´s a Girl to do

December 6, 2007

nice, sort of donnie darko aestethiques: sweet monsters in the dark road (and a girl)