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Bill Murray drug beat divorce

May 29, 2008

Funny guy Bill Murray is getting divorced, after he allegedly beat his wife and is a drunkard and addicted to mariguana. Jennifer Butler Murray apparently can´t hang out in space with genius laid-back dazy guy Murray. Master of films like looping fruity Groundhog Day or Jim Jarmusch´s Cofee and Cigarretes, Broken Flowers and american classics like What About Bob ? or Ghostbusters and yes his fimography is endless: Lost in Transalation,  Royal Tennenbaums etc .  One must remember his cut lsd trip in Stripes one of the funniest moments of psychedelic fueled movie moments. Or his image of heaven loitering in adidas suburban waste pants.

We support Bill in his out-of-control surfboard or golf cart and puff-on.  LAUGHTER-FUNK ING

David Lynch Questions 9-11

December 15, 2007

The film sorcerer expounds his doubts on the 9-11 attack while he shows some of his drawings.

David Lynch with the girls from Au Revoir Simone

December 6, 2007

David Lynch reads some blessings, musicalized by the fresh brooklyn band of girls Au Revoir Simone, wich are on Lynch´s words  “an inspiration, innocent yet modern”…