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On Conspiracy Theory:Anton Wilson, Hakim Bey, Media Mafia

July 5, 2008

The problem with conspiracy theory is to believe that there is one particular group of human beings who are in control of my destiny. That’s a philosophical extreme to which I don’t  wanna go.  On the other side it’s obvious that people do conspire. That there are conspiracies, secret internal linkforces behind outward political shows of power.  It is clear that there is not one single known politician in America who has any internal linkreal power at all. They are simply working for big corporations and economic interests like oil, or the global market itself. The best model is, that there are many, at least several conspiracies and that they interlock, that they compete, that they melt into each other, that they separate from each other. If we wanna know what’s going on, if we wanna understand history as it is happening we should know something about these conspiracies.  Again critical consciousness is a useful tool here. -Hakim Bey

The conspiracy theory that’s my favorite, is the one I invented myself.-Robert Anton Wilson

The problem with conspiracy theories is that, like in Borges’s metafiction, when you invent them they run the the risk of becoming true.  Rupert Marduk “The Quantum Joker” 

You know the CIA slang for somebody they’re using who doesn’t know he’s being used? They call that a “useful idiot”. Those writers who get exclusives from congressmen, and they have no idea the congressman is working for the CIA and the exclusive is a myth they’ve invented that they want to get into print. If the journalist takes it, they’re a useful idiot. So of course I have to ask myself occasionally, have I become a useful idiot yet? (laughs).-Robert Anton Wilson

“Nothing is true; everything is permitted- The Naked Lunch

Fedor Dostoievsky said that ” if god doesn’t exist, then everything is allowed”, which put him in an ethical crisis. But how about if we put it this way “god exists, because everything is allowed” ( or: god is everything is allowed) so everything(god the dog) is possible, and even, “god exists making all possibilities exist”. God is his own favorite conspiracy theory. In a metadata universe all code unfolds itself into real-ness. Everything one dreams, thinks or writes translates into all the languages of existence. Permanent forking paths create gardens of reality. This is the divinity inscription in page source code: our cosmic trigger.

Is this true? maybe. Does maybe (and would have been) exist? maybe  


you are dead and alive

you’ve already fucked that girl on tv

you have killed your father

you have been Tiresias

you have been Donkie Kong jr.

you have smoked crack with Alf

you have eaten more, and faster, hot-dogs than Joey Chestnut

you are having dinner with Ruslana Korshunova 

you are happy

Physicist John Wheeler Enters the Black Hole (Dies at 96)

April 14, 2008

American physicist John Wheeler died sunday morning in New Jersey. Wheeler, who coined the term blackhole, entered his personal gravitational collapse by pneumonia. Wheelr was one of last physicists that discussed quantum conundrums with Einstein, Bohr, Oppenheimer. He leaves an enormous body of work and some of the most insightful perceptions

“The black hole teaches us that space can be crumpled like a piece of paper into an infinitesimal dot, tha time can be extinguished like a blown-out flame, and that the laws of physics that we regard as ‘sacred,’ as immutable, are anything but,”

“Nothing is more important in quantum principles than this: that is destroys the world as something exterior, with the observer separated from it as if by a thick glass window.  Even observing an object as tiny as an electron the glass must be shattered. I must penetrate. A measurement equipment must be installed.  And then he should decide if it is going t measure position or moment. Installing the equipment to measure one excludes the other,  even more the measurement changes the state of the electron. The universe will never be the same. To describe what has happened, one has to cross out the old word observer and in its place put the word participant. In a strange sense the universe is an active participant.

One must speak in terms of participation, the objet and the subject merge into the omniject. 

May he rest in peace and find the vortex of light and fusion, becoming that that he dearly studied.

Global Conciousness Project

December 15, 2007

 mercury-mirror-twilight-zone-liquid-light.png GCP is a collective international effort of various disciplines, it involves the contribution of scientists, artists, engineers, and programmers. It’s main purpose is to investigate the physical effects printed by the collective human consciousness. This project keeps an intimate relation with Teilhard De Chardin’s concept of noosphere.

— the permanent manifolding of universe towards integration… —

“A global network of electronic devices produces continuous random data sequences. Subtle patterns in the data are linked with events that cause shared thoughts and emotions in millions of people. The results challenge common ideas about the world, but independent analyses confirm the unexpected patterns, and also indicate that they cannot be attributed to ordinary physical forces or electromagnetic fields.”

“The Global Consciousness Project is an international collaboration created in 1998 to study the subtle reach of human consciousness in the physical world. We maintain a network of random event generators (REGs) with nodes in more than 50 locations, from Alaska to Fiji, on all continents, and in nearly every time zone.”

Penetrate the GCP visiting:

Profile: David Bohm

November 28, 2007

David Bohm american born theoretical physicist (December 20, 1917 Wilkes-Barre, PA–October 27, 1992 London, Uk) author (or discoverer) of an extremely elegant model of the universe that tunes-in with the deepest intuition of undivided wholeness. He is undoubtedly the foremost figure in what is known as the holographic paradigm, a shift from a ratio-mechanical worldview into an all-inclusive perspective of the world as an interconnected whole where, as in a hologram, every part contains the in-formation of the entire photograph or universe.

” a hologram reveals how total content–in principle extending over the whole of space and time–is enfolded in the movement of waves (electromagnetic and other kinds) in any given region.”

“All the worlds whirl in a grain of sand”.

“light is the means by which the entire universe unfolds into itself.

Bohm is like the priest of the future, that weds back science with religion and art, that looks more like the past, riding the spirit of present times, weaving together rigorous episteme with resonating fractal intuition.

David Bohm wears Indra’s jeweled net on his neck.

As a child Bohm experienced the call of the secret in the woods and developed an unquenchable drive to seek for the hidden cause of things. (He later developed the hidden variables theory).

Like Blake and Einstein, Bohm pre-emphasized imagination as a way to attain knowledge. In this way empathizing with the deep order lying within -the creative and dynamic process of consciousness unfolding into manifest reality.

Bohm faced persecution for alleged communist beliefs which led him to exile. Later he faced collegiate dissaproval and tagbearing which deemed him as more of a mystic than a methodistic scientist. However Bohm remained true to himself. Working the out-of-bounds akash with dandy math.

Some of Bohm’s friends and associates where: Albert Einstein, Oppenheimer (Bohm refused to particpate in the Manhattan Project), J. Krishnamurti, Stan Grof, Karl Pribram, The Dalai Lama (Bohm was his personal physics teacher).