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Unfolding Quote

August 26, 2010

No one gets out alive. There’s a joke in there somewhere, if you can find the cosmic punchline. Once you do, your laughter will be infinite.


Google Stock Make Masseuse Millionaire

December 19, 2007


In 1999, Bonnie Brown answered an ad in the paper for a new company called “Google,” and became the new company masseuse.

She was offered the part-time job, which started out at $450 a week but included a pile of Google stock options that she figured might never be worth a penny.

The stock touched an all-time high of $747.24 on Tuesday before falling more than $83 a share during the week to close at $663.97 on Friday. But even after that sell-off, the stock has risen more than 44 percent, or $203 a share, this year.


Facebook Is Always Watching You

December 11, 2007


Amid heightened concerns surrounding Facebook’s new advertising platform, the social networking site has given users a new reason not to trust it: Researchers recently busted the company for tracking users activities on external sites, even after they logged out of Facebook.

“Facebook is retrieving enough information that they can tie what you do on external sites back to your Facebook profile,” says Stefan Berteau, a research engineer with CA. “[The company] says it’s deleting the data it gathers after you’ve logged out, but that is not clearly spelled out in its privacy policy, and there isn’t a binding public commitment.”

A Facebook spokesperson wasn’t immediately available to comment.


Profile: Paul Otlet

December 4, 2007

Born in Brussels, Belgium, in 1868. He is considered the father of information management and documentation, and also the first contributor to the creation of the Science of Information.

Otlet worked with organizing structures of information that could be considered as the earliest precedent of the World Wide Web. He spent his entire life trying to conceive search engines that could establish hyper-connections between all existing information.

He dreamed of the creation of an infinite network of information that could contain and interconnect the whole body of human knowledge. This was the first artificial conception of a hyperlink model of infogathering – infosharing. He searched tirelessly for an answer to the problem of how to make the whole record of knowledge available to those who need it? It seems that Otlet’s design of info-organization has a strong relation with the hologram, akasha and aether models.

Co-founder of the Institut International de Bibliographie in 1895 that later became the International Federation for Documentation and Information. He and La Fontaine, also created the Union of International Associations still working in Brussels. Otlet was a humanitarian activist and many of his ideas were crucial in the formation of the League of Nations, later the International Institute for Intellectual Cooperation.

Along his years, he showed a deep and sincere concern to find a way to make information available for everyone who needed it, and was a true believer in the possibility of creating a “universal book”. He wrote various essays related to the organization of knowledge and these were compiled in two books: “The traite of documentation” in 1934, which had a central roll in the development of Information Science and “Monde: Essai d universalisme” in 1935.