Ruslana Korshunova’s ‘suicide’ conspiracy theory explained

 Recent buzz in the internet surrounding Kazakh model Ruslana Korshunova’s death originating in this site has caused some controversy. Media like the british Telegraph or the LA Times (calling us the crakpot theory) have given coverage to a possible, although unlikely, conspiracy theory linked to a model-controlling-mafia . We offer here a thorough examination of this theory:

We do not state conclusively that Korshonova’s dead was orchestrated by the Russian mafia, but we do believe, with reasonable evidence, that such a mafia exists, and operates as a sophisticated network that positions young femmes in the highest spheres of fashion and corporative deluxe escort services. This girls being mostly from Eastern Europe: white, tall, blonde lolita-like blue-eyed women, of the slavic biotype, which comply perfectly to the the modern world´s stereotype of beauty and come from relatively underdeveloped countries, which only now are entering the globalized-capitalistic world and remain easy prey for face-hunters and mobsters.

Recent Cronenberg film Eastern Promises is an example of how this operates as the film is a work of fiction closely inspired by research on the subject (as is the case of Lila 4 Ever by Lukas Moodyson). But much more the book Au secours pardon, written by Frédéric_Beigbeder ilustrates clearly how the dark side of the moon of the fashion world not only enslaves some of the sweet teen meat girls (for this is how girls are seen by the facehunters) but uses them as an obscure object of desire that feeds through media viruses and aspirational desires which gloat their archs. This being done with the connivence of russian new lords (ala Roman Abramovich), one which is portrayed in Beigbeder´s novel, as Sergei, a russian oil mogul who hosts killer parties where models are feasted upon and at times dissappeared. Beigbeder lived in Russia and has implied he took his characters from real life, basing Sergei on a Gazoprom tychoon who dated different models everyday and went on crazy cocaine binges with dark outcomes. We will do a follow up of Gazoprom´s relationship with model-escorts services which has been investigated in the past.

A book by Robert Friedman Red Mafiya explores how the Russian mafia has penetrated american society and has woven a complex web of sexocriminal enterprises.

The network of russian (russian serves as generic for all eastern european girls in the industry) prostitutes, dancers and even wives has been well documented in many places for example In the case of supermodels it is only a sophistication of this coarse acts, in higher and hermetic quarters.

The link being normally between high-rolling druglords who have connections with aspiring ghetto drugfiends who help recruit the profuse amount of marginal beautiful girls who populate Eastern European cities.

If you have gone deep into the nightlife of cities like New York or London you know that many of the “models” are also available for extrajobs. This jobs being not so much available through money but through connections. This of course reaches the whim-laden superstratums of jetset entrepreneurs. Models have contracts to comply to and are recommended to fulfill them entirely, even the small lettered aspects of them.

By this we do not wish to say Ruslana Korshonova was part of a prostitution network or an escort service, we do not believe this to be true. But we do suspect that she was part of a much more complex network of image deployment media that benefits a powerful few that feed on global desire production. This web is formed by big media key executives who deal with mafia lords and conspiratorial potentates. We wish to extend our impressions that she wan an angelic figure who hopefully now rests in peace in heaven or wherever she may be. We pray for her.

Still we do have reasons to believe she did not commit suicide, firstly “there is nothing (thus far) reported that proves, or even directly suggests, suicide. No note, no friends reporting distressed behavior or comments, nobody who saw her Jump. The police (as reported to us) Do Not Know what happened. And therefore have ruled the death a suicide. They have no proof that it was, but they have no proof that it wasn’t. Therefore, It was”.

A friend of Korshonuva told the Daily News that Ruslana wanted to quit modeling, as she had made her money and wanted to change her life. As to this being the cause of his suicide none of her friends even remotely consider that she would have killed herself.

One can see images of his boyfreind totally shocked in the media.

Strangely she spent her last day watching “Ghost” with her ex-boyfriend Artem Percheno.

As to her depressed blog posts (full blogposts here) this cannot be taken as evidence seriously. As there is no clear intensification of her depression, but on the contrary and it is only natural that a girl away from home in a strange scenario writes of her lovelorn and lovehappy days. Again, most bloggers tend to be rather on the downside. One can follow the coverage of the case in The Telegraph, LA Times, Huffington Post, New York Post and unethical Gerarldo Rivera.

There is a strong flood of speculation relating to the possibility that Ruslana Kurshanova wanted to end his contract (with whomever she REALLY was working for )and this (teenage-model flesh-peddling) organization used her as an exemplary point.

The deepest undertone of this case has to do with the explotaition of images in order to produce an effect that is channeled to the benefit of a few enthroed media wizards. This takes place also in the fabrication of teen stars. As the Smashing Pumpkins song goes “The World is a Vampire”, but then again, a secret contrived vampire.

As the poets have said imagination becomes reality and this is the case of the dark humored mediascape in which we live. Fiction becomes truth, killers feed on memes to commit their aberrations, this has repeteadly happened. Or there is a biofeedback between reality and fiction as is the case in Brett Easton Ellis´s books (Glamorama has materialized).

We have noticed there are more strange cases of Eastern European models dying under mysterious situations and will publish soon more evidence as our contact in Moscow, Vasily, sends us his report. Meanwhile we will be investigating in New York.


we encourage our user to send us poems of Ruslana Korchunova, the best ones to be published in different media, send them to:


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