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Megan Fox pube flash

August 12, 2010

Watch Megan´s Fox Puble Flash in photoshoot : #mce_temp_url#


Sex in Brazil: radiant virgins Kaka and Adriana Lima

August 18, 2008

In a world debouched by media exerting sex as magnetic bait to sell deodorant or soup or everything, where sex for teens is the primary benchmark of belonging and becoming cool,  two unlikely virgins emerge like fresh white stars over the Babelic electronic towers, soft radiant demure could-be-gods of sex: soccer crack Kaka and uber sexy Adriana Lima. The brazilian superstars, each at the top of their business, choose to remain virgin until marriage, complying to religious beliefs.

Although Kaka has already probed the wells of sex, he did so only after marriage, 2 years ago, at the age of 24.  And stepped up to Gisele Bundchen calling the Church’s teachings on sex “ridiculous”.

“Today no one is a virgin when they get married … show me someone who’s a virgin!”

Well Adriana Lima is, at least she says so:”Sex is for after marriage,” she explained. “They (men) have to respect that this is my choice. If there’s no respect, that means they don’t want me.”

It seems almost impossible for her to be still a virgin, a cosmic contradiction, as she is sort of a sexual masterpiece, oozing and overflowing with the kundlini river of erotic manifestation. “The World´s Most Voluptous Virgin” is scheduled to marry NBA serb player Marko Jaric in 2009.

The Timberwolf´s basketball player is certainly getting the best cake of the world, and he is pretty fucking ugly, but his luck is overarching, and like a wolf with a lamb he is going to have the feast of all time.

Probably Adriana Lima and Kaka should have coupled together: both are from Brazil, both are absolutely good looking, both are rich and famous, both are religious, both are about the same age and both are (wre at the time) virgins…

Adriana Lima´s 5 sexiest pictures in the internet here: Raramour

Megan Fox Pictures (she wants to appear naked for an entire movie)

July 16, 2008

Megan Fox told the Daily Star “I would love to do a movie naked – it would be beautiful.

“No one dares make that kind of film today. They did it in the 1930s in an arty way, so why not now?”

Perhaps Megan´s secret desire is to film metaphysical porn.  And create subversive sex videos to transmit into galactic spheres. Like in the epic videogame Star Fox pg 17 erotica trails.

Maybe Megan is seducing the river on mirror people, knowing that we have a an experienced crew of  tantric filmmakers, and may be the perfect team to make her silver dreams of art and sex come together.

more on megan and her marijuana whims

let the fox kiss the mirror for she is wise

Kate Moss topless on a yacht listening to Aphex Twin´s dolphins

July 14, 2008

Kate Moss naked from the top shows her perefect tits as she promenades in a luxury yacht along Sardinia. Moss is reportedly accompanied by Richard James (Aphex Twin) , who is working on a new material described as “celestial glitch music”, inspired perhaps on the supermodel. According to The Mirror, Aphex Twin only leaves the inside cabin, where he has his machines, late at night to have some strange off board contact with a pack of phsopshorecent dolphins.  Kate Moss has been spotted taken naked swims with the glimmering cetaceans, apparently motivated by Aphex Twin  who is “driving her to new boundaries”. This moonlight swims, Moss lapping nude in the water and having some type of  sexy energy intercourse with the dolphins are being recorded by the master of idm, Aphex Twin, to be edited and reprocessed in his new album.

Fuck the iPhone

July 11, 2008

A worldwide frenzy triggered by the launching sale of a supposed metagadget, like if they were selling the lapis philosophorum (the philosophers stone) in the stores. People sleeping in the streets to be the first to get the iPhone and flashes and media deployed to capture the happy customer snowball bliss. Of course there is not much in the summer agenda so… 

Everywhere in the world hooked techies responding to the dealers offer, a cheaper phone and a much more expensive hook, worldwide telephone companies exploiting the fees, playing on the bait. 

Hack the iPhone. Hack the world.

At lunch today yuppies displaying heir faux chic magnet and receiving 3g radiation full time

Pirate the iPhone. Hack the iPhone. Hack the world. Hackasha.


Well apparently Apple know how to market. 

And the whole world is giving blowjobs to Steve Jobs.

Charlotte Casiraghi royal top Forbes sapphire and Victoria from Sweden

May 30, 2008

Charlotte Casiraghi, grandaughter of Grace Kelly was voted #5 on Forbes most desired royalties but certainly must have gone higher than the brit brats.

Certainly one of the moste elegant girls in celebrity world with fine features. Maybe one could go to the sapphire fire lake and ride some unicorns with her in a prada saddle and lap.

And in #7 princess Victoria from Sweden.

Kate Moss´s Crystals

February 29, 2008

In a digital world we will play gangster videogames with Kate Moss and race to the top, the sofa will fly like in the arabian nights. Soft crystal steroid.Kate Moss CavalliThis is the soundtrack of our avatar love:crystal-castles-crimewave.mp3



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Toshiba videogame helmet

December 15, 2007

For a full, 360, vivid video game experience, the toshiba helmet should be the target gadget for lots of gamers and techy fashion lovers.


Pixel Tie

December 1, 2007

Pixel Tie