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Unreal chick of the moment: Scarlett Johansson

July 11, 2008

Sexy name, sexy skin, sexy aura, daydreaming with Scarlett Johansson riding a pink amazonian dolphin..

Enjoy the sexiest pic selection of the contemp scarlett diva at river on media


Bar Refaeli meets A Guy Called Gerard

April 12, 2008

Sexy Bar recently said to The Sun (sunny child of blue fire) that she started listening to dubstep while hanging around with surfgod Kelly Slater, they used to pull the ocean reefers and watch the sunset with a boombox and Kelly would blare the tracks A Guy Called Gerard gave him on tour.” It was amazing, she said, the ebb and flow of the golden tide and the cracking grime like a beautiful beast clambering the waves and we were so high… like digitally aroused”. So if you meet this Israeli lady in your ramblings near the jetset cloud just put the dubstep on and take her down.

Tunes from A Guy Called Gerard Black Secret Technology




Unreal chick of the moment: Ana Beatriz Barros

December 17, 2007


London Mannequin

December 15, 2007


Image: river on mirror (2005)

Toshiba videogame helmet

December 15, 2007

For a full, 360, vivid video game experience, the toshiba helmet should be the target gadget for lots of gamers and techy fashion lovers.


Pac-Man Christmas Tree

December 11, 2007

pacman tree

The vintage videogame ghost hits Madrid, as the spirit of Christmas sets in.

Vanessa Paradis

December 11, 2007


Bitter But Blue Butter

December 4, 2007

Image: Vitriol C. (2007)