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Happy Birthday Ruslana Korhsunova (she would have been 21 today)

July 2, 2008

Today Ruslana Korshunova would have turned 21 and would have been able to drink. All though as abcnews interview´s claim the “Russian Rapuznel” was already in a heavy vodka drinking relationship. (It would be nice to stroll through the park and have a couple of drinks with her and just hold hands as it gets warm). ABC lists this drinking (drugs? also) as part of the depressive aura binge that drove her to death. The article seems a bit tailor made to blame the ugly and lonely side of the fashion world: the depraved photographers, the big city, susbstance abuse, etc. It seems exactly what the Russsian Mafia wants to hear. Still we won´t go into that subject in respect for Ruslana’s birthday (scroll down for the post that explains the conspiracy theory).

Angelic silver dust layerd cake in heaven for her.

We encourage users to write a poem for her and send it to us, so we publish the best ones

happy birthday Ruslana river on mirror Fairy Queen

Riveronmedia has made one the most comphrehensive picture display of Ruslana for her birthday.

Ruslana´s astrochart

Robert Anton Wilson´s poem

November 30, 2007




Dove sta memora


You have not snared her,
She’s in my pulse,
Eye sees only
Brain conceives
Brain knows more
Brain can scan
Scarecrow Death:
My heart, my breath.
Local hardware;
Nonlocal software;
Than eye can see: