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Growing a treehouse with Terreform

December 15, 2007

Mitchell Joachi insists that his plans are not futuristic. As the Executive Director for Terreform, a “philanthropic design collective,” he is responsible for progressive solutions for current problems. Save for the overt reliance on CGI imagery, the plans he presented at Postopolis! seem robustly conditional on collective goodwill, but still grounded on hard statistics and grounded feasibilities. In the video above, he outlines his company’s plans in three main areas: the city, ecology, and mobility. 

The Miniature Earth (some mad data)

December 15, 2007


December 6, 2007


Solar Billboard Billed as a Power Plant  

by: Dave Mosher

Energy-sapping billboards, your days may be numbered. A California electricity supplier says it has installed the nation’s first solar-powered billboard, which generates more electricity than it uses.

The billboard—roofed with 20 solar panels—is located at 1000 Brannan St. in San Francisco, and is visible from the Highway 101 9th Street exit.

“The energy that is collected by the solar panels actually exceeds the amount used by it on a day-to-day basis,” said Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) spokesperson Jennifer Zelwer of the standard-sized billboard, which proclaims: “This isn’t a billboard. It’s a power plant.”