Who smokes Crack? Alf

LA Times implied we might be doing crack, (we only do more sophisticated drugs). But you know who does crack: ALF!

Max Wright, former Alf  was caught in a pretty compromising scene -we dont want to know the details. Spare the gay porn interracial dirty secrets.

This is old news but, you know who also smokes crac?: Daryl Strawberry.

And Amy Winehouse does crack.

and all the other teen celebrity holograms fabricated by the reptiles in the north pole.



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8 Responses to “Who smokes Crack? Alf”

  1. alyssa baldwin Says:


  2. alyssa baldwin Says:

    he is creepy

  3. alyssa baldwin Says:

    he is a drugy

  4. alyssa baldwin Says:


  5. DingDong Says:

    Smoking crack was actually a requirement on the set of Alf. Some of the writers such as Jerry Stahl did it and they actually made a movie of him call Permanent Midnight starring Ben Stiller.

    In order to get the wacky, crazy fun on the set the entire cast were required to smoke it in order that Alf appear more funny than he is and somewhat intensely sexual for 3 minutes each shot. The orgy of drugs did produce some really moments of brilliance on the set of Alf which endures to this day.

    Max Wright became an addict from his employment as did others. His gayness is a result of being confined with the actual character Alf for long periods while smoking high grade crack. could happen to anybody really.

  6. bleachback Says:

    I have been with Max and the guy who he looks like he’s kissing but he isn’t they are breathing in each others smoke. I was supposed to be there, at this sex part and getting paid, but I got another trick that night. the Max is kissing is my best friend and we talk almost every day.. DingDong you are very wrong about smoking crack being a requirement on the set. I have read Jerry Stahl’s book and Max told me he smoked crack long before he ever was on the set of ALF.
    and oh i can just see those children smoking the crack to get those “wacky crazy moments” NOT!

  7. Jo Jo Joey Shabadoo Says:

    Well, maybe they did all smoke crack. Andrea Elson had that fierce eating disorder! Bulimia? Anorexia? Probably took the crack to keep her teeth from eroding further. No appetite = No eating = No vomiting. And what, exactly, became of Benji Gregory?

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