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Baby Boom Massive Star-Making Machine

July 11, 2008

This psychedelic vista of cream colored ponies is actually a burgeoning “star-making machine” in a distant galaxy. The baby boom could yield up to 4000 stars a year while our own galactic mother can only give light to around ten stars every year.

The baby booming star factory could contest the so-called Hierarchical Model of galaxy formation,  where galaxies are supposed to slowly bulk up their stars over time by absorbing tiny pieces of galaxies, rather than in one big burst.

Take a dive into the iridescent womb and remember the moment of birth.


Our youngest Supernova is hauled by Caribou

May 17, 2008

Our brightest young friend supernova G1.9+0.3 was recently confirmed by Nasa. This indigo child star rides the sky forging alchemy, making iron and calcium, that later will travail our blood. Like W.B. Yeats said: the stars that blow in our blood.  This song is for a falling star, which probably has a Caribou hauling its carriage. Sweet blazers of the night. As we head into the dark with trails of champagne supernova, this images, this sounds, will be forever in our eyes.

Caribou 09-niobemp3

Somebody is watching us

December 19, 2007

eye of god hubble telescope

Alien comm – the real thing

December 15, 2007

cosmos-star-sky-lights.pngLately we’ve been witnessing drastic changes in our relation with the cosmos. French government has just announced that all its extraterrestrial secret files will be released for the public domain through their space agency’s web page. On the other side, various entrepreneurs, like Virgin’s Richard Branson or Amazon’s Jeff Bezos are betting on the possibility of having accessible (20,000 usd) tourist flights to space, and even galactic hotels, before 2017.

Preparing for this new cosmic scene, were we could reach never-seen levels on intimacy and interaction with our universe, a “Declaration for peaceful relations with extraterrestrial civilizations” was established last summer during the “Extraterrestrial and World Peace Conference” in Hawaii:

Honor the following principles for establishing peaceful relations with extraterrestrial civilizations:

1. We affirm the intent of humanity to join in peaceful and cooperative relations with extraterrestrial civilizations,

2. Affirm support for United Nations resolutions promoting the peaceful use of Outer Space, and support for UN, International and U.S. Congressional initiatives to prevent an arms race in outer space, including the weaponization of space,

3. Affirm the natural right of all citizens to have open contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations in all cases, and to engage in non-official diplomacy.