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Kate Moss voodoo hair extensions sells at eBay

July 4, 2008

Brit provocateur holograph vixen Kate Moss blonde hair extension that she reputedly lost in Berlin has been auctioned on eBay for 805 euros (1,264 dollars), Bild newspaper said on Friday.

Moss, 34, shed the hairpiece while trying to duck paparazzi as she returned to the plush Hotel Adlon after a night out in the German capital last month, according to press reports.

The Ebay buyer Aristan Niameri is an inhabitant of Haiti, one of the cradles of modern voodoo wizards. We hope sexy Kate is protected of the malevolent influencesof the caribbean soul swapping sorcerers and does not start to suffer telekinetic batteries on her lush body.


Kate Moss listens to Chris Joss

April 1, 2008

I´ve heard wise men say that when pleasure smiles, it does it in a smileless way…



Kate Moss´s Crystals

February 29, 2008

In a digital world we will play gangster videogames with Kate Moss and race to the top, the sofa will fly like in the arabian nights. Soft crystal steroid.Kate Moss CavalliThis is the soundtrack of our avatar love:crystal-castles-crimewave.mp3



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