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Buttless Chaps Gisele Bundchen plays on ID metaphysics

July 16, 2008

  The sexy brazilian topmodel, Gisele Bundchen, appears on the portrait of V Magazine wearing a butless chaps showing her wild side for the lens of Mario testino. In an interview, the world´s highest paid model confessed that during a photo session she plays a far distant role from whom the real Gisele is. It´s like wearing a mask, its like a fashion mystical schizophrenia that allows her to turn the topmodel ID On and Off. It seems that beautiful Gisele Bundchen might have the ability to play Chuang Tzu´s butterfly game.  

This post was borrowed from River on Media thanks guys!!

Sexy Alessandra Ambrossio pregnant photos

June 13, 2008

Alessandra is pregnant, lucky baby surfing in the brazilian womb waves.

More pictures of Ale Ambrossio pregnant at

Isabeli Fontani: Brazil Sex Mafia gives you mirage flowers

May 31, 2008

Avatar Joao Havelange after retiring from FIFA decided to boost Brazil´s other world´s foremost celebrity industry or industrial sport: supermodels. Having all of the  right connections with the scouts of Florianopolis, Rio and the little towns. He started bringing out the perls of the river and the sea into the secret meetings with CEO´s and instead of just having the girls for them he created holograms for the media,  girls as energy basins and receptors of world aspirational desire.  One of the girls Joao Avelanche brought out calling her “o garota misterosa, o garota de rosa digital”, was Isabel Fontani.

Isabeli likes to smoke flower derviated drugs with Joao and other Petrobras moguls. She likes poppy, she likes salvia divinorum, she like to ride horses after smoking blue lotus flowers, she likes some secret amazonian plants, she likes to ride.

The secret of Havelange is that Isabeli and the other brazilian models of the digital spell bring to them the fountain of youth. And Joao like a vampire will never die, as we flood la fontani with our lustful wantoness.

Izabela Goulart

May 17, 2008

The plotline that gathers such entities as Woody Woodpecker, William Blake, Izabela Goulart, and the talented musician from Providence, Rhode island, Marumari, is that this 23 years brazilian babe learned english thanks to Woodie´s cartoons, and that after learning it she was able to penetrate one of the most fine and metaspiritual literature works: William Blake´s writings. Now the sexy Izabela has a newmoon ritual that consists on reading some of the works of the English grand master, while standing naked in front of her window, hearing the first track of Marumari´s Pathscrubber album and  starring at the shadow seed of the silvered plate: purifying darkness