Fuck the iPhone

A worldwide frenzy triggered by the launching sale of a supposed metagadget, like if they were selling the lapis philosophorum (the philosophers stone) in the stores. People sleeping in the streets to be the first to get the iPhone and flashes and media deployed to capture the happy customer snowball bliss. Of course there is not much in the summer agenda so… 

Everywhere in the world hooked techies responding to the dealers offer, a cheaper phone and a much more expensive hook, worldwide telephone companies exploiting the fees, playing on the bait. 

Hack the iPhone. Hack the world.

At lunch today yuppies displaying heir faux chic magnet and receiving 3g radiation full time

Pirate the iPhone. Hack the iPhone. Hack the world. Hackasha. 



Well apparently Apple know how to market. 

And the whole world is giving blowjobs to Steve Jobs.


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3 Responses to “Fuck the iPhone”

  1. tom Says:

    Hehe love your post. It’s almost like poetry…

    iPhone people are quite bizarre btw…

  2. ab Says:


  3. Transplante de hígado a Steve Jobs | Pijamasurf Says:

    […] Fuck the iPhone […]

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