Natasha Poly speaks on Russian Mafia model involvement

Victoria Secret coquette Natsha Porly told The New York Star tha she is aware of the involvement of the Russian mafia in the world of fashion.

“I know of some models who have been approached by some strange mob people, who are Russian… but I don´t know what goes on between them. You hear rumors hear and there, but nothing certain… I guess that´s why they are the “mob”,  because they do things in secret and without anybody really knowing what´s going on”

Top model Natasha Polevshchikova (Poly) denied any personal involvment with the Russian Mafia. But she did say she knew Ruslana Korshunova “she was a good friend “and “one of the sweetest girls”,  and that “she would have never killed herself, she was in love with life , always speaking of the sun and of how great things were” but that “lately she did seem to be behaving strangely, always looking around as if she was being followed”.

Ruslana Korshunova´s body was buried in Moscow last week.

Supermodel Ruslana Korshunova’s suicide conspiracy relation of events


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5 Responses to “Natasha Poly speaks on Russian Mafia model involvement”

  1. delh Says:

    we missed ruslana

  2. JuicyPINK Says:

    The Mafia killed Ruslana for sure (or if they didn’t kill her, she probably wanted to kill herself before they took a hold of her).
    Poor girl couldn’t find anywhere to hide, what a tradety. see girls, modeling is not all fun and games… no sir!

  3. dean Says:

    natasha poly just another fashion whore

  4. UI Says:

    ya but natasha is my personal whore…..only i get to put my monster dick in natasha’s tight little pussy and then cum shit loads on her lovely innocent face

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