Ray Kurzweil: God is a teenage hacker from another universe

Futurist edge-cutter Ray Kurweil delivered a teleportec conference at the World Science Fair in New York.  Teleportec is a brand that as the name implies provides a teleconference system that feigns teleportation, like in the hologram dreams, it gives a 3d eye contact display interphase.

“A more sophisticated take,” he said, “is that the laws of physics are a form of intelligent design. Of course, the designer might be an adolescent in some other universe, and our universe is just a science fair.”

Classy gold serpentine beginning for the fair. Kurweil believes that sheer data flow in the near future will give us and unprecedented understanding of biological systems, including the human body, and the ability to hack it in ways that may ultimately defy death.

V.S. Ramachandran, said that

“God is an hacker, not an engineer — and that’s  a problem we’ll have to confront,”. And Kurzweil’s response was simply that it wouldn’t be a problem.

Kurzweil said: “There’s been regular predictions that Moore’s Law will come to an end. The first prediction was 2002. Intel now says 2022… [but] the end of Moore’s Law… won’t be the end of the exponential growth of computing. We’ll then go to the sixth paradigm—which is three-dimensional computing.

“We live in a three-dimensional world, our brains are organised in three dimensions, we might as well compute in three dimensions.”

He added: “In fact BlackBerry and other cell phones are already using multilayered chips—the baby steps into the third dimension.”

Kurzweil’s vision is similar to Terence Mckenna’s and Teilhard de Chardin´s Omega Point, the Violet doorway in Hyperspace, the end of the rain boom bow spectrum. Just a little more grounded on high tech. The singularity, a term borrowed from quantum physics, black hole conundrum, is a point of total technoological acceleartion that vantages us and overtakes us. But in its absortion it endows us with a superintelligence.

Whereas the first human genome cost $1bn to produce, now one million can be produced for the same price. Within 15 years, he said, we’ll be adding more than a year every year to life expectancy, with future developments including drugs that can “switch off” disease-promoting genes, and in-body devices the size of blood cells to help rid us of cancer cells and other problems

from wired.com


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5 Responses to “Ray Kurzweil: God is a teenage hacker from another universe”

  1. jasonhenle Says:

    The Singularity is Near is being made into a movie for next year! The Singularity is Near Movie.

  2. Michael Pugh Says:

    I could see these things being possible.because humans find problems and tackle them the start of learning is understanding the problem and then using that understanding and building on it we may just be some kind of science project of some being some where out there what the purpose of the project is will be and has been beyond anything we will ever learn.

    Michael L. Pugh

  3. La nueva frontera de los hackers: tu cerebero | Pijamasurf Says:

    […] Ray Kurzweil: Dios es un hacker adolescente de otro universo […]

  4. AleX Says:

    The Singularity is Near is being made into a movie, but Transcendent Man is coming out in early 2010. I saw it at the Tribeca Film Festival. It was insanely good! http://transcendentman.com/

  5. Deb Acle Says:

    For several years I’ve been sure that the universe (whatever this is) was designed and is run by a spotty 15year old geek sitting up in his bedroom hacking about on his ‘puter.

    The ‘highest’ intelligence that we are aware of is homo sapiens – ourselves. ‘God’ made man in his image; man makes approximations of intelligent devices in his own image; there’s no reason to suppose that our spotty young geek would do any different. And as we look around at the behaviour of homo sapiens, we can see extraordinarily accurate manifestations of adolescent tantrums, angst, fear, unrefined passions, extremes of mood etc etc. Homo sapiens is a brat that needs to be grounded until it learns to mind its Ps and Qs.

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