Cut Copy – In ghost colours (with Gemma Ward)

Australia´s stardestined band, Cut Copy, released their new album, In Ghost Colours. An anthem-fledged production with euphoric dance moments, m.d.m.a. reefs, diamond studded synth layers and guitar bonanzas. Not bad on the skylove lyrics and the sort of New Order robust vocal seductions. It might be the cool indie album of the year. Perfect to listen and dance with your supermodel girlfriend and pop some pills or something, maybe a milkshake. Live the pop life and be happy among the silver clouds. Lets go to Astralia with androgynous aussie barby Gemma Ward, Cut Copy will be playing and the vodkas will be of bluelight.

10-far-away-cut copy.mp3
08-voice-in-quartz -cut copy.mp3

feel the love-cut copy-in ghost colours.mp3


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  1. diana Says:

    Thank you for this lovely site, i hope you have time to visit mine.. (:

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