River Review: Underworld-Oblivion with Bells (2007)

More than the Chemical Brothers, Underworld is the real (true and silent) giant of the techno-electronic scene in the UK. Always sincere, rarely going for the crowd-pleasing reefs ( Trainspotting´s Born Slippy, and pehaps Jumbo are just melodic synchronicities in the hub of rave) their tracks are more from their heart than for the charts. Beautiful music for pills and trains, for passing lights and strange sex, for jelly rad and mellowiredancing. Their new album “Oblivion with Bells” is a sober and delicate comeback.Without ringing the bells, perhaps not surprising (for they are somewhat old ravers), but keeping cool and on–womb-substance, you get the feeling they still know what to do and there is a warm white room for them in techno post-stardom. An album of diverse vintage underworld-soundness interspersed with nothingness machineries and thump washing orbits dosing into blue ambient wanton angel-stance; if not overly exciting, a bit slower than their usual, not bad at all for the fans. And as signature, Underworld delivers again wicked lyrics -keen-spectral-glam-dirty-, making it double clear that electronic music can fledge amazing lyrics to go with the beats, just making it deeper and multilayered, with chromeo feelings:

i’m holding the moth, moth
i’m holding the moth
floating under the net
fall down to my knees, kiss off, kiss off.
in the rain, stain, to embrace the mouth of every day
every car that never came
you walked away, you walked away
you took me home, you took me in, you left me.
when do we get out of here, this perfect skin
with a glass eye on you
electric eye on you
who loves to be touched
who could dance like you, dance all day
keep it simple, keep it
one foot goes down in front of the other
one foot in front of the other
never part this sky
real thing.
(Holding the Moth).

“Oblivion with Bells” might not be a megacomeback sealing eternal youth, but it still gives a warm feeling of being sound and well at home and you like how your room looks and something still happens.

*Check out “Healing”, a short Brian Eno-like ambient track, “Crocodile” the single, on the more upbeat part of the album , that has some nice remixes out there. “Faxed Invitation” and “Glam Bucket” are also some of the highlights.


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